70+ Lovely Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

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Inspired by the cool colors of the landscape, light kitchens are a natural option in Nordic nations. They seem complicated, but do need textural interest. Maintain the palette to a particular selection of whites and cool greys, including a few metallics for additional heat and to create your kitchen feel fuller and more broad, with no compromising on the minimum texture.

With regards to feel, not all your surfaces need to be made out of precisely the exact same material. When there’s an end you especially love, however practicality is a problem, consider using it as a highlight in a place with less heavy traffic. If made and fitted , this may add visual attention and feel to your kitchen. Plywood is that the fabric of the second for kitchen cabinets). Its humble attractiveness is reminiscent of Thirties Scandinavian modernism. Expanses of all white marble additionally make an elegant, lavish sense without compromising on ease.

Storage is plus an integral component of Scandinavian kitchen layout ) In case you’ve got the luxury of another room alongside the , then consider turning it into a cabinet — these standard attributes are back in trend. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets also help create a sleek, uncluttered appearance, and nothing states’clean and modern’ such as manage -free cabinetry. For more inspiration, read these fashionable Scandi style kitchen designs)

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